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Lost, Alone, And Afraid
Lost, Alone, And Afraid
A Wolf TF Story
A small, scrawny figure could be seen emerging from the foggy, dense forest, appearing in a small clearing, only to continue back into the trees.
It was a young boy, only about nine years old. His arms were wrapped around his torso, trying to fight off the crisp, cool autumn air, struggling to keep some manner of warmth retained in his small, shivering little frame. He periodically glanced over his shoulders, remaining vigilant  as he scanned behind himself for the gang of violent, lawless teens that had chased him to the tree line. It didn't look like they were following him anymore, not that it made a difference.
He was lost.
He knew he was lost, and he knew there was nothing he could do about it. He knew that he had gone in circles, gotten turned around, and had completely lost his bearings. Even if he somehow miraculously found his way out of the forest and back to town, what good would it do him?
He had no family.
He had n
:iconhavoc178:Havoc178 2 0
Late for School (Dog TF)
    A picturesque morning, silent and cool. It was on such a morning that Alexis' life changed forever. The young high schooler, normally the perfect student, nearly a teacher's pet even, had recently begun wavering. The silence was shattered by the intense, blaring alarm, cut short by a groggy hand slamming down on the digital clock. Alexis shifted under her blankets and eventually slid from beneath them to touch her bare feet to the cold hardwood floor. Alexis recoiled in shock, proclaiming the distasteful frigidity of the flooring to no one in particular. She let out a sigh, having dreaded the start of the new school year since the last one ended. She exaggerated a shiver as she slunk over to her closet, looking for her uniform. She slowly pulled on the freshly ironed garment, examining her skirt closely to make sure it wasn't too short. Sitting in front of her mirror, she started to brush her shoulder length hair, throwing on some half assed makeup before taking a deep br
:iconferalartists:FeralArtists 9 4
Dog Days (TF Request)
Florian ran down the road leading away from his school like the devil was on his heels; his heart pounding in my chest like a jackhammer.
“C’mon, Thalmaier!! Are you too scared to face me? Are you chicken like Charlie was?” Marc’s cackle rang in Florian’s ears, as did Marc’s friends’ laughter.
He only ran faster. “I’m done with you and your bastard friends, Marc, just like Charlie was through!!” Florian shouted over his shoulder, picking up speed.
Glancing up at the sky, he noticed it was just past sunset, and happened to glimpse the rising stars of the constellation Canis Major, the Big Dog, just above the northern horizon.
Florian only took a split-second glance, then looked ahead again, and put on a burst of speed.
His legs and lungs both burned, as his heart pounded.
The back lane leading to his home was closer now, but then...
Hearing a loud honk, Florian spun just in time to see a silver grill and headlights, but managed
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 6 6
Feel that Wolf Burn
    Suzie took a deep, long, tired breath of relief as she looked exhaustedly at the setup before her.  After an hour of struggling and moving furniture around to make space, she had finally finished setting up her bench press workout station.  She got the bench together, the power rack, and even setup her barbell with 20lb weights on each end all by herself.
    “Damn frickin’ deliveryman,” she grumbled as she wiped the sweat from her brow, “Couldn’t even bother to help me setup this crap up or move the boxes into this room at least.”
    After finally getting a steady job that paid well and comfortable living arrangements in a nice apartment, the young blonde decided to get back into the dating scene again.  Put herself out there and meet someone nice that maybe she could fall in love with.  Problem was, she was a bit self-conscious about the weight she had put on in recent months.
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 28 12
Part of the pack
(girl and dog into wolfs tf)
It was a nice autumn afternoon as the sun was shinning bright with only a few clouds floating in the sky being pushed forwards by a soft breeze which also caused some of the few leaves that we're still attached to the branches to whirl down from the tree tops and cover the forests floor were they got trampled by a young woman who was barely old enough to be called adult and her Samoyed. The girl's name is Jennifer she has recognizable short brown hair which barely reached her shoulders with yellow high lights in them. And the white fluffy dog that ran ahead of her was named Laika. "Wait for me Laika" she shouted as she ran after her dog, who was running way further ahead of her. She was a real outdoor person who would spend almost every day being outside in the woods. So you wouldn't really encounter her with her face covered in make-up and wearing a dress or skirt or walking on heels. All these things would just make it harder for her to keep up with her d
:iconsalo14:salo14 10 0
Doggy Link :iconshiiriru:Shiiriru 51 86
Trip Werewolf TF
"Awesome Serperior, now return!" Trip said as he returned his Pokemon to its pokeball. He looked to Ash, who was holding his Pikachu in his arms. The Mouse Pokemon had fainted, having injuries over its body, though not serious. Iris and Cilan were there too, gathering around Ash. Trip shrugged it off and started to walk away. 
Ash glared up at Trip, :Stop right there, Trip! We still aren’t finished yet!" Trip did stop and looked back to him, "With what? Some of your Pokemon haven’t evolved. Why would I wanna battle little things that aren’t that powerful?"
"I let them evolve if they want to! And it doesn’t matter if they evolve at all! They will still be powerful no matter what!" Ash angrily yelled back. Iris quickly held his Pikachu in her arms.
"Sheesh, stressed out too much? I know you lost to me at the League, but there’s not need to overreact. Kanto-boonies like you should know to learn from mistakes and have better luck next time." Trip said.
:iconmoonstone168:Moonstone168 4 2
Mature content
Pull of the Moon :iconlinkohmsford:linkohmsford 3 3
NOTWE: The Elusive Nightmare
Falling out of a portal, the Incognito Inflator groaned as he got to his feet. "N-now...what?" He muttered. He looked at the full moon, feeling his body start to glow. "What the space f-" was all the man had time to sputter out, before his body began to glow. By the time he stopped flashing, the Incognito Inflator looked at his new form. He retained his face, but his hands were disembodied, floating freely; the skin on his face and hands were chalk-white. He was donned in a spinning dark-green robe. He was looking through a pair of shades with a single red-chromed lense that flashes. On his hands, his fingers were encased in silver gauntlets; on the exposed palms on his hands, the inflator had a red and blue jewel seemingly-embedded on his left and right palms, respectively. Over his head, the hood of his cloak was over his head, as his hair had seemingly vanished.
"Well, this might...take some getting used to." Muttered the newly-transformed wizard. "With my newfound power..." The inf
:iconsplendiferuscakeface:SplendiferusCakeface 3 0
Golden Wolf part 14
Chapter 14: Not a girl.
"Okay, will see you later," she muttered under her breath before turning off her comm. What I’ve gotten myself into, she thought to herself. She asked for this assignment in her own volition. And now here she was, within the backstage of a strip club, wearing bra and panties and trying to blend in. She, the large manly werewolf and the next leader of the Dein clan. She took a moment and sniffed the air, wishing to find out whatever information she was looking for just to bring the mission to an early end.
Just before this gets any more embarrassing, she thought.
A large hand landed on Jenna's shoulder and she jumped startled, with a gasp that sounded more like a squeak to her ears. “There goes the rest of my pride.”
The hand pulled her shoulder around, belonging to man that seemed to ring Jenna's head. There was something about him that resulted familiar. Not in the sense of an acquaintance, but he had seen that face before. The red hair and sm
:iconmalagua:MaLAgua 3 6
Kargo is home :iconjohaan-n:Johaan-N 869 195 Link's Wolf TF :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 130 14 DreamCatcher Wolf :iconnatsumewolf:NatsumeWolf 222 22
Villain's Exact Transformation (Dog Monster TF)
Aridia (as an anthro yorkie dog) was running because she had another mission: defeat her evil clone, Zeranight. When she arrive Zeranight's den, Aridia is ready to fight agaisnt her evil clone, Zeranight, again.
- Zeranight! - Aridia halts her evil clone - Your crimes are over!
Zeranight was developing a dark potion very similar to of the anthro dog potion with technology, computer viruses and malwares. Then, she finnishes her dark potion.
- Yes? - Zeranight interrogated, with sarcasm - It's too late to stop me.
Zeranight drinked the dark potion, after drinking it, she did a evil smile. Suddenly, the potion passed the effect to her body.
- You will see... - Zeranight said.
First, Zeranight's arm got fur, the fur invades on Zeranight's body except her head's hair. She grew a muzzle and a short tail. Then, her head turns into a yorkie puppy head. While her head transforms, she grew 2 sabertooth tiger's fangs and her eyes turns into of a Tyrannosaurus. Her clothes changes into an old and
:iconaridiapizarro:AridiaPizarro 3 9
Reborn Chapter 6
Chapter 6
I woke up to see my hands with skin on them. Relieved that the transformation was just a dream, I stood up on my two human feet ready to face the real world. There was just one tiny problem; around me was transparent yet cloudy fog and no floor that I could see. It was almost like I was floating The "floor" trembled as if it spoke the words of a giant.
"Hello Jason." A deep, wise voice rang as a pair of golden, reptilian golden eyes appeared out of nowhere.
"Hello? Who are you and where am I?" I said sheepishly.
You are still where you passed out on the floor in your Jessica's room. But what you see here is a dream where we are able to communicate with each other. As for who I am, I think it is more important to understand who you are." As the dragon continued to approach another dragon appeared directly to my right. It had beautiful midnight blue scales with an azure blue color of the plates in the underbelly.
For a dragon, it wasn't that large; four feet long includin
:iconsirepic48:SirEPIC48 8 24


''There's a hacker lurking around DeviantART that will change your password and put Thomas the tank pictures in your and post inappropriate pics on your account.

They will post bad pictures only if they hack your account. If they found out you posted a journal entry about this warning, they will know what's up and they won't hack your account. They will also be posting journal entries saying things like "I hate you all! Go die!" and remove all your watchers. The best thing you could do now is copy this warning and post for all your friends and watchers to see and spread the word! The hacker will go around hacking accounts and block your friends to get your friends to block you back, get you in trouble, and get you banned from DeviantART.

If you want to save your account, you should make a journal entry with this warning to keep the hacker from hacking your account. So, SPREAD THE WORD!!!''


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