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The Latest Rumor(Anthro German shepard costume TF)
The “Choose Your Life” costume shop was a mysterious shop. For one it seems it never stays in one location at a time. It’s always on the move, not only that but anyone who managed to buy a costume there are never seen again. This was the latest rumor that had been going around the city and many believe it. Some people go looking for it but no one has ever found it. And those who claim to do have disappeared without a trace. The last known location was found by a girl who texted the location before going in the store. But by the time anyone went there, the only thing that remained was a sushi restaurant. And the girl was never seen again.
For Jared, the rumor puzzles him. For a rumor it had spread way too fast and people believed something that in this day of age wouldn’t exist. A costume shop that keeps moving around? And people disappear if they go in? That’s just silly. These rumors are always so baseless and weird. One time he heard a rumor of a secret
:iconxiezhai31:Xiezhai31 43 4
The Wolf Sword III
The Wolf Sword III
Someone New Comes to Play
(Warning: While reading this story, you may experience a light-headed feeling. Do not worry; this is just a side-effect from pure enjoyment. The only known cure is for you to keep reading)
The morning sun isn't even visible in the sky through the thick canopy of trees. Even the annoying wood peckers were still asleep. Jasmine now wakes up to this early morning. She sits up only to bend forward and stretch with her arms pushed as far as they will go and her tail tensed into a curl. As she looks up through gloomy eyes one of her ears sits straight up while the other is bent to the side. "Why am I up so early?". All Jasmine could hear outside was a strange rustling in the bushes around the camp. "That must have woken me up. Wow, I keep forgetting how good my hearing is nowadays." Jasmine got up to go see what that rustling sound was and ended up hitting the necklace around her neck. "Oh yeah, I completely forgot about you." Last night, Jasmine
:iconarctic-wolf13:Arctic-Wolf13 13 3
PART VII (A Werewolf TF Story)
    "Don't worry Tom, were just friends, nothing else," Lily explained to me, as I lay down on the floor of the house. Since the Facility incident, I have been living in Eric's home, while he did whatever it was that he did. I had no choice, like back when I was about to be burned to a crisp, Lily and Eric came to my rescue. 
    Hauling the weight of a grown man, they took me back to the town without my knowledge. Waking up in somewhere totally unfamiliar, I looked around to get my bearings. I was on the floor next to bed, and there was a cough that came from the top of the bed. Slowly, I managed to stand on my hind legs, to see Lily sleeping peacefully under the covers. Stepping on my padded paws, I crept out of the room without making a sound, and wander through the house.
    Eventually, I came to the living room where I found Eric making what I could only assume was dinner.
:iconthetf-man:TheTF-Man 3 0
Freedom Pt.4 (Human TF)
Icy grey rain swept down from above, hiding much of the landscape and bouncing off the dragons raised wings. Hex shook his scarlet wings, trying to keep the wide skin membranes warm, but they stayed numb and cold, and he hissed at the discomfort. The rain was horrible, it stole the warmth from his blood and turned the ground to mud under his paws, he yearned to get out of it, find some shelter, any…
Nessie? Do you want to get somewhere dry?” He growled cautiously, a string of snarls and hisses that a human’d have no clue about. But the green dragon shivering next to him did and snorted up a puff of smoke.
No! No, we’re waiting for mum to come back! She’ll be here!” Nessie shrieked and glowered at him, baring her sharp teeth. Hex barely jumped, the younger dragon was larger, but she wouldn’t do anything, she’d been saying this for the entire day, ever since Morag flew off.
What if a hunter comes befor
:iconreel123:Reel123 29 33
Freedom Pt 3. (Dragon tf)
A series of sharp raps knocked off the cars side, vaguely resembling some tune or code. It was probably meant to be a perfect copy of something from a film, but Hex had never seen many movies, and he wasn’t much in the mood for it anymore. His body felt cramped and tight in the car boot, red tail wrapped around his legs, wings folded tight over him and then covered by a blanket, it was rather uncomfortable.
The coded knock came again, tap-tap-taptap-tap-raprap, and he growled, “Yes, I’m in here, there’s not even a way to open it from the inside!
The door swung open and Nessie giggled on the other side, her excited blue eyes sparkling. “Yeah, but I was meant to check. Come on, come on!”
Hex growled again, this one without much meaning, and crawled out, dashing after the girl. They had parked in a motel, a cluster of buildings surrounding a car park, each one its one cramped little hotel room. He glared at the streetlamps for a second, fe
:iconreel123:Reel123 37 25
Freedom Pt 2.
Hex opened his eyes cautiously, letting daylight stream in, and felt them adjust, a second eyelid or something sliding down to darken his view. Trees crowded around him, old oaks reaching high up with grasping leaves to catch the sun’s rays, thought plenty of it still hit the debris strewn forest floor where he lay.
Forest floor. It took a second to digest the information, the leaves and sticks under his body. Not a cover on his bed in hospital, there wasn’t an iv drip clasped on his hand, he was outside, outside in a forest, and that meant-
That meant it hadn’t been a dream. He raised his head slowly and turned it to look at himself, still feeling a rush of surprise at the sight of a red scaled body with two wide wings folded over the top like a tent. Along line of small spikes ran from his pointed skull all the way to the tip of his serpentine tail, and the talons on his four paws were white and sharp. Somehow he was a dragon, regardless of the fact that they weren&
:iconreel123:Reel123 43 55
Freedom Pt 1. (Dragon tf)
“Don’t clench or it’ll hurt more,” Brian instructed him as the needle dug into his arm, as if mere reassurance would relax his muscles. Hex gritted his teeth and screwed his eyes shut against the pain as it went on, and on, and on.
Then it was done, and the doctor tugged the needle out, “Excellent, well done boy. Not even a tear shed. How are you feeling?”
Hex flinched, looking away from the dark skinned doctor holding a vial of crimson blood, and stared down his bed instead. “Not good. Tired. My arm hurts. Do you have to take it? My blood? I thought it was meant to stay inside people?”
He saw the doctor shake his head out of the corner of his eye, “We’ve been over this Hector, it’s because your blood’s special remember? We take the blood out and clever scientists study it and we can use that to help you and other people. Don’t you want that?”
“But you haven’t helped!” Hex protested an
:iconreel123:Reel123 101 61
The Dragon-Flame (Dragon TF)
Mike was starting to get worried.
He’d come to this mountain because he’d heard the legends of the dragon-flame, but halfway up it had started to snow. Hard. Being on a mountain in the middle of a blizzard with sub-degree temperatures and no shelter to retreat to was a solid way to get yourself killed. Even in the heavy snow gear Mike was wearing he became soaked in minutes and wondered how long he would last before pneumonia or frostbite got the best of him.
Damn my curiosity thought Mike as he trudged through the snow with no idea of where he was and where he should be going.
Mike had always been interested in legends and folklore and often went out on trips in his spare time to track down these myths to see if they were real. He never found much but he always had fun and the dragon-flame was the latest expedition he was on.
Legend had it that the dragons of old would produce an everlasting flame when they died that had untold magical properties. Local rumor sugg
:iconkrondure:Krondure 4 0
Dragon Curse TF RP
The kingdom had claimed that it had been attacked by a powerful dragon that was seen as the "Gold Dragon King".
Which is why they commissioned a mercenary, being you, to go deal with it on their behalf.
They didn't tell you, of course, that they were the ones who pissed her off.
For you see, she had done great things for them, liberating the land from their long-time oppressor, purging monsters from every land in the kingdom that wished harm to humanity, and promised to protect them always if she could but marry their dear princess.
Of course, they refused once this was all done, claiming they had no intention of paying up or giving a monster what he wanted and cleverly claiming that they had no such contract and that even if they did, the law does not treat monsters as human.
The monster took it maturely and departed, yet hid away and refused to help the kingdom anymore and let trouble come to it naturally once again.
And then, when asked by the people to help them, he refused them, s
:iconcerisbeech:CerisBeech 10 196
K9:Cassie Ch1 : Pg 18 by Janexas K9:Cassie Ch1 : Pg 18 :iconjanexas:Janexas 28 7 Lycanroc :: Transformation :: Commission by Lornext Lycanroc :: Transformation :: Commission :iconlornext:Lornext 117 14
PART IV (A Werewolf TF Story)
     "Come on Tom; you have to try harder then that is you want to be able to talk again," Lily told me, for what felt like the hundredth time.
    Letting out a whimper, she came over and hugged me saying, "I know it's hard, but if you want to do better, your going to have to use words from now on, instead of your ‘sounds.'"
    Knowing she was right, I tried to form some speech, and to my surprise, it worked, and I replied in a gravelly voice, "I know." Her eyes suddenly lit up, and she scratched that spot I loved, right behind my ear.
    "See, if you say more, you will get more of the things you like." She explained while still scratching my ear. Learning to speak again had been the worst time of my life, except for the intense pain from the serum. I would always get so frustrated with myself, but Lily was always there, pushing me
:iconthetf-man:TheTF-Man 3 0
A monster of the night
June 12, 2016
Dear Diary,
    The strangest thing happened to me yesterday-which is why I didn’t write-It started out amazing, but turned sour. My boyfriend Jonathan came by my house at about, 4:00 pm. And he told me he was taking me out for a romantic evening. I of course was delighted by this fact. I took a moment to get ready and hopped into his car. He took me out to eat at my favorite fancy restaurant, and then he took me to the art museum. As the sun started setting, Jonathan drove me out to a riverside cliff. We got there and sat on the roof his car, gazing at the river. Then he kissed me and I kissed back, he looked like he was about to say something when, behind him, the full moon began to rise. Jonathan stopped what he was doing and lurched in pain, tumbling off the car. I hurriedly sat up and looked down where he had fallen. I wish I hadn’t. Upon looking down I saw Jonathan, but he was clearly in pain. It was too dark to see much but what i could s
:iconthemoldysausage:themoldysausage 2 0
PART III (A Werewolf TF Story)
    Hmmmmmmm, the sound of the treadmill was driving me insane, and making me lose focus.
    “Focus Tom, if you want to get better, you need to focus,” Lily informed in her joyful, yet stern tone.
    It has been eight months since I have entered into the facility, and I have learned a lot. The workout has gotten me into shape, and I have grown a bit taller, and have lost all visible fat. The school has been excellent to me and has made my horrible writing much better, and I have improved my vocabulary a lot.
    Oh, and I can't forget about Lily, that wonderful girl who had made my life so much better than what it would have been. We have been talking more, and I learned something new about her, although she looks to be in her twenties, she had just turned 18 when I came into the organization. Realizing this, I got more connected to her, and after the first five months,
:iconthetf-man:TheTF-Man 3 0
PART II (A Werewolf TF Story)
    The sun was seeping through leaves of the pine trees, making the sky sparkle with light. The endless woods around me were nothing but green and brown, the sounds of nature overwhelmed me, and the pine needles beneath my feet were oddly soothing.
      Suddenly there was Surya, and then Nick, and they kept asking the same question, "Why did you leave us?" They kept getting closer and closer until they were almost on me. Panic settled in, and I did something I thought I would never do, I punched them, my best friends, and then it faded to black.
    Blinking profusely, I quickly shook my head and tried to remove of the terrible dream I had. Then I realized where we were. We were in our car, driving down a road in the pitch black, and going slightly up and down towards the camping spot that we were going to. It was 6 AM, and we had started driving at 4, and my dad had mentioned that we would be there at 6:
:iconthetf-man:TheTF-Man 3 0
PART I {(A Werewolf TF Story) in PART III}
Part I
    Screech. BOOM. The car, torn up and smashed skidded to a halt, hitting a tree, and steadily, smoke rose from the engine. Three dead, one severely injured, the family of four was no more, and other car suffered a similar fate. The only person in the opposing car was killed, and no one would ever know this had ever happened, due to an organization taking the severely injured teenager into a facility, where everything would change.
    Sorry, let's start from the beginning; I don't want to start my life story from such a tragic event. It all started a school called, Seven Lakes High, in Minnesota, USA. This is I had been going to school before it happened. I had a normal life, well as normal as any teenager going through high school.
    My name is Tom, I was 15, had rather strange friends, and was just about average in school. I loved video games, couldn't get enough of them, and was
:iconthetf-man:TheTF-Man 3 1


''There's a hacker lurking around DeviantART that will change your password and put Thomas the tank pictures in your and post inappropriate pics on your account.

They will post bad pictures only if they hack your account. If they found out you posted a journal entry about this warning, they will know what's up and they won't hack your account. They will also be posting journal entries saying things like "I hate you all! Go die!" and remove all your watchers. The best thing you could do now is copy this warning and post for all your friends and watchers to see and spread the word! The hacker will go around hacking accounts and block your friends to get your friends to block you back, get you in trouble, and get you banned from DeviantART.

If you want to save your account, you should make a journal entry with this warning to keep the hacker from hacking your account. So, SPREAD THE WORD!!!''


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